IRTEC has been producing irrigation machines and equipment for over 25 years. Thanks to our continued investment in high-tech production facilities Irtec now offers customers a range of irrigation equipment that is quality assured, user-friendly and competitively priced. Over 80% of Irtec's production has been for the export market and this has allowed Irtec to build a knowledge base of the requirements from individual projects in many countries. Combining this experience with Irtec's skill of producing machines ideally suited to customer's requirements, Irtec can offer both choice and solutions for any irrigation project. The heart of the system is our energy efficient turbine close-coupled to the main gearbox which allows our machines to operate at very low pressure and volumes. Our new generation of computers has been developed specifically to save energy, water and time. Machine performance can be remotely monitored and adjusted using GSM technology. Irtec can also produce complementary range of spray booms, diesel motor pump units, tractor pto pumps, diesel generating sets and a complete range of over ground main and hydrants. Irtec has always been proud to produce machines that combine high quality, hi-tech and user friendly solutions in meeting the ever changing needs of the global irrigation community. Thank for supporting our philosophy.

IRTEC S.p.A. has concentrated on providing quality, innovation and reliability for our customers.
We intend to consolidate and build on this, especially now, during a period of fierce competition and growing market complexity. We will engage with our clients in a continuous and gradual improvement in overall quality.
Our strategy is to inform and educate our clients, to invest in and develop our products and consolidate the reputation of IRTEC throughout the irrigation world.
From this starting point, we hope to develop a framework of the values with underlying policies and operational styles for IRTEC that can be summed up as follows:

  1. Dealers qualified to for offering the right machine which is able to suits the needs of the end user to optimize irrigation investment.
  2. An after-sale service of high quality, competence and timeliness, to eliminate downtime.
  3. Correct use of the products, resulting in overall satisfaction with technical aspects and energy consumption.

The ability to be always competitive, at every level, is the main requirement of IRTEC prospects to ensure success and to give full satisfaction to its customers.

To establish partnerships with market leaders, importers and dealers. IRTEC wants to be recognized worldwide as a company that creates and offers customized solutions that increase productivity, reduce overhead costs and reduce energy waste. In summary we would achieve these ambitious and important goals with the participation of our close collaborators and in conjunction with the environment and people.

Our corporate values and what we believe

RELATION WITH OUR CUSTOMERS (CUSTOMER CARE) - We want our customer service to be careful and accurate, with service, advice and technical support designed to meet their needs.
THE OUTDOOR ENVIRONMENT - We want to ensure proper use of energy and raw materials, respecting as much as possible the environment in which we live.
THE WORKING ENVIRONMENT - We want to operate in a safe or comfortable working environment, ensuring that everyone is aware of the risks associated with our activities. An environment that helps to stimulate personal and professional development.
VOCATIONAL TRAINING - We intend to implement continuously updated training, essential in facing the challenges of evolving technology.
STAFF RELATIONSHIP - We feel that it is right and important that our relationships are based on mutual loyalty, transparency and collaboration.
RESPONSABILITY - We want to work within the right economic, social and environmental atmosphere and to include all of our stakeholders, both private and public, involved with our Company.
RESPECT FOR THE LAW AND OUR CODE OF ETHICS - It is our commitment to operate in accordance with the law and all existing rules and support ethically correct behaviour, in order to not affect the reliability of our moral and professional company. This philosophy promotes choices that prioritize human resources and innovation to be pursued in the context of a strict moral code, certifying the facts with fairness and respect our commitments.


… has manufactured hose reel machines since 1978 and has always been recognized, both in Italy and internationally, for the production of high quality machinery.

… produces a range of hose reel irrigation machines that can be powered by water turbine, hydraulic motor and both diesel or petrol engines. The range constitutes 25 basic structures from which 190 different models can be configured. These various models accommodate polyethylene pipe that range in diameter from 40mm to 160mm and 820 metres in length. Rewind speeds can be controlled by straight forward mechanical means or by more sophisticated methods. These methods include computer management systems, diesel, petrol or hydraulic powered rewinding, and integrated water booster pumps.

… also manufactures motor pumps from 5 – 250 HP, galvanized spray booms up to 50 metres and tractor PTO pumps.

… has a highly specialized staff, operating within a modern and well organized structure. We have constantly re-invested in modern production machinery, tools and stores infrastructure. This has reduced production costs, improved quality and allowed us to remain competitive.

… is a public limited company with 1.040.000,00 Euro of fully paid up capital stock.

10.909.000,00 Euro turnover 2015

5.000 m2 Offices area 9.000 m2 factury surface

1200 hose reels every year

200 motor pumps produced per year

180 spray booms yearly