Our aim is to design and manufacture irrigators whose performance enables higher crop productivity and a systematic reduction of water dispersion.

Our position as an international player in the industry is the sum of consistent investment over time and market results achieved by our product lines.

We anticipate farmers' demands by using technological innovation as a solution and support for their work.

In our vision, agricultural irrigation before being a market is a necessity. The values that move our organization are borrowed from a few simple concepts that we call pillars.


One's professional life mirrors one's personal life; being part of IRTEC means participating with transparency, honesty, and responsibility in a common project.


Every day the confrontation is on multiple tables, and our work leads us to produce solutions that affect people and the environment. This excites us. Passion is a chromosome that is abundant in our DNA.

Concreteness and practicality

In the plurality of our stakeholders, they stand out: the farmers. Their questions are always clear, uncluttered and straight to the point. They expect answers in the same tone.