Our history

Since we began, the irrigation sector has changed. And with-it farmers and their way of working.

We are amongst the architects of that change.

IRTEC has contributed to writing important pages of the technological evolution of agricultural irrigation. Whereby "technological" we also mean attention to water consumption, precision in irrigation and the protection of the most precious resource we have.


From the beginning strong in Italy, even stronger abroad.

IRTEC builds the first self-propelled irrigator close to the beginning of the 1980s. Few of them were seen in the countryside, but it was a revolutionary product and requests also travel by telex.


Electronics appear.

Easy RAIN is a computer that facilitates work in the fields by providing a series of data, alerts, and automatic interventions in the event of malfunctions in the irrigation system. It can also be programmed to manage the speed of rewinding the hose and set work downtime or reset based on water pressure.


Here is the IRTEC Quality System

The design, manufacture and assistance of irrigation machines and systems for agriculture. This is stated in the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate delivered by TÜV. More than a goal, a confirmation.


Systems are added to the offer

Self-propelled irrigators, spray booms and motor pumps receive reinforcements. They are the Pivot, Linear and Hippodrome systems. The IRTEC range crosses another frontier of agricultural irrigation and is more complete than ever.


The digital era of irrigation begins.

The digital era interrupts the reasoning that each single machine does a job as if it were blind. Now it is an integrated system in the hands of the farmer, who receives data, and an artificial intelligence translates this data into information to be put into practice. Irrigators, motor pumps, pivots, everything is connected and comes into operation with the swipe of a finger. Digital Irrigation has arrived, and nothing will be the same again.


A race without obstacles.

IRTEC reaches 20 million euro in revenue. The best result ever.


The post-pandemic era

The fluctuating trend in raw materials, and the logistical difficulties due to the subsequent lockdowns at a global level, were an opportunity for IRTEC to demonstrate, once again, proximity to its distribution network. Combined with strategic foresight in managing the moment.


IRTEC and Carlyle

IRTEC Irrigation comes under the control of investment company Carlyle following the acquisition of a majority stake in OCMIS Group. It is a time of consolidation and strategic planning in preparation for a new leap forward.