We guarantee the consistency and characteristics that only the manufacturer can give you.

On the market, you will find a plurality of proposals and a seesaw of prices. We believe that the best advertising is our irrigator working in your field, being put to the test by the irrigation activities of the season.

For many IRTEC is synonymous with quality, innovation, and reliability. Here's why.

27 million/€
our turnover
years of history
pivot systems produced every year
spray booms produced every year
motor pumps distributed every year
irrigation machines produced every year
5000 sq. m
productive indoor areas
9000 sq. m
outdoor areas

Technology, range, and service: the irrigation you want is all here

The mechanics of our products allow them to operate at low pressure and minimum flow rate, while the technologically advanced accessories guarantee water and energy savings, through the planning of work cycles, even remotely, via satellite systems.

The punctual and timely after-sales service is the final link with the customer that confirms their centrality in our production cycle.

Made in Italy, a friend of agriculture

We have invested time and resources in the design and improvement of our machines and accessories. We have given them the floor so that they can speak to you by adding electronics and bringing them into the digital realm. The ultimate goal is to deliver irrigators that offer ever better performance for:

  • the use of water;
  • the time of use of the systems;
  • the costs per work cycle.

It is thanks to the study of the best mechanical, electronic and IT solutions that our products can now boast the best performance on the market: low costs and maximum capacity.

  • Self-propelled irrigators

    Designed by IRTEC, made by IRTEC. Two distinct lines that cover the complete needs of those who have to irrigate.

  • Pivot systems

    The fixed point for irrigating ensuring the amount of water distributed with uniform precision over crops and terrain.

  • Spray booms

    Large areas, maximum automation, water saving. The gentile low pressure that nebulises the water and irrigates even when the wind picks up.

  • Irrigation Technology

    An interface for the complete governance of the irrigation system. Artificial intelligence that analyses a swarm of data. The last word is always yours but refusing a valuable helping hand would be a shame.

  • Tractor pumps

    Pumps for fresh water and slurry to be connected to the tractor via the cardan shaft. Pressure without interruption.

  • Motor pumps

    Variants and versions to be chosen according to purpose. Here we have answers and performance for everyone.

  • Clutches and gearboxes

    Reliable mechanical systems to modulate power.

  • Self-priming motor pumps

    Variants and starting versions, your specific requirements determine the final product we deliver.

  • Soft hose drum

    With a hydraulic system for hoses that can be flattened, ideal for liquids of any type and kind. A ‘must have’ on the equipment list.