Irrigation Technology

One day you will irrigate without pressing buttons.

For now, use those on the IRTEC DIGITAL IRRIGATION 4.0 app.

There is a connection between the ground you sow, the crop you grow and the daily weather patterns. We have worked to turn that connection into useful information for making decisions about the working cycles and the amount of water to distribute. The result is an integrated system that puts data, tools, and equipment in the hands of the farmer so they can plan, initiate irrigation activities based on concrete data, and intervene as conditions change.

We collect data

Intelligent humidity sensors record information about ground and incoming weather conditions and send it to a web server on which our portal is hosted.

We get directions

Artificial intelligence correlates the data provided by the sensors and transfers it in real time to your tablet, smartphone or PC providing an accurate and reliable irrigation scenario.

We manage the machines

From your mobile device you have total control of the machines in the field. Now you know how, where, and how much to irrigate.

We irrigate in real time

While the machines are working, you always know their position and based on the data you intervene on the water pressure or on the speed of re-entry.


    Whether it be the stand-alone workstation or the mobile app, the interface of our SMART programme is the same. It allows you to control every machine and device involved during irrigation, its correct operation, the amount of work done, and the status of irrigation activity.

  • Irrigators

    With IRTEC Digital Irrigation you always know the field position of your irrigators. And how much water they are distributing.

  • Pivot, linear and hippodrome systems

    Easily manage the area to be irrigated, map the perimeter of the land, and trace the routes that the irrigators follow down to the last metre.

  • Motor pumps

    Change the water pressure or the re-entry speed of the pipe with a single touch. Receive data continuously, intervene whenever you see fit.

  • Humidity sensors

    Tireless detection devices generate a swarm of data that the AI converts into information for your consideration.

  • Satellite weather forecasts

    Satellite images provide a snapshot of weather conditions, data that is interwoven with the data collected by the sensors on the ground, which combine to generate valuable irrigation recommendations. Following it produces concrete and tangible results:

    • better development of crops;
    • lower energy consumption;
    • lower use of water.
    and the Industry 4.0 opportunity

    Irrigators, motor pumps, pivot, linear, and hippodromes systems, humidity monitoring and weather forecasting. These are the elements that together with the IRTEC computer and cloud portal constitute an integrated system on which the tax reductions provided for by The Industry 4.0 plan can be obtained.

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