Spare parts, accessories, and a network of distributors in over 60 countries to guarantee you the same level of service with which the irrigator you bought is manufactured.

Logistics is one of the key elements in responding adequately to the demands of the global market. Having always been accustomed to working with foreign countries, we know that accessories and spare parts for our hose reels and irrigation machines must always be available on the shelf and ready to reach even the remotest corner of the globe.

IRTEC customers expect it, and we turn expectation into certainty.

Your IRTEC accessories

Customisation of the basic IRTEC configurations is always possible, even though they are already rich and include everything you need right out of the box. But there is always room for that something extra to be added so you can irrigate the way you want to.

Spare parts for irrigation machines that never stop

Technologies and materials are improving to increase the lifespan of each individual irrigator component, but against the elements, it is always an unequal fight. Despite everything, you can always count on the part you need arriving quickly. Even if we are in Italy and you are somewhere far away.

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Download the IRTEC general catalogue.

A useful tool for keeping up to date on models, versions and product lines for irrigation.

When you need a helping hand

True, we are not everywhere. But our retailers and their service centres are.
Turn to them to plan the maintenance of your irrigation machines. It is as if you were turning to us.